Artificial Bamboos

IMG_1407-002We seized every opportunity available in our store front design to showcase our abilities. This includes our 11ft tall artificial bamboos that welcome you at the door. We digitally print onto 6mm aluminum composite material then further CNC route the shapes of the bamboos. Each individual piece has a vertical cut in the middle. What this allows us to do is connect two pieces by sliding them through one another in a puzzle-like form. The cut allows nothing more than the two pieces to fit, providing its strength in structure.

Lexan (polycarbonate sheet) was used for to make the leaves. If you’ve ever played with the material, you would understand the durability and flexibility it can withstand. So far, it has endured heavy winds, pouring rain, scorching temperatures – no IMG_1406-001leaves have been reported missing (or fading for that matter)!


Bamboo Fun Facts:

– It can grow as tall as 60ft without pesticides

– Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Foto_Panda3

– Bamboo is actually a different type of grass. You can “mow” the tops off and it will grow back just like the grass in your front yard.

– A loveable panda’s diet is consisted of 99% bamboo.

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