Floor Graphics

Don’t let your eyes fool you. The flooring is covered with a very large, graphic image that has been digitally printed onto a thick, transparent, and flexible PVC material. It is designed specifically for reverse printing where the image is mirrored onto the bottom-side. This technique is effective in protecting the image from any surface damages.

Sheets and/or rolls are cut and laid out perfectly to fit the desired look. It’s free floating concept means there is no need for adhesives or any bonding agent for these floors – which makes extensive labor almost slim to none!

This special material comes in a variety of surface textures. We’ve featured two different types in our showroom: wood grain and ceramic. The wood grained textured complimented the Photoshopped images so well that one can hardly tell it’s not real wood. To show contrast, we designed a Moroccan-style tile layout using the ceramic material.

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