Interior Wall Murals

Over 30ft in width and over 8ft in height – It’s big. It’s bold. It’s green. This diagrammatic blue greenprint encompasses the idea of a thoroughly engineered logo as well as embracing our corporate identity.Parallel to this is a complimentary wall mural continuing to play off the branding image.  The featured graphic is also reflected on our actual website.

The south wall of our unit is decorated with anPrint eye-popping halftone mural best viewed from afar. Traditional halftones convert various density’s of dots to create an image, such as this  astronaut version of Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avedon. Halftones were invented to produce definable images for a more ink-efficient cost for all paper prints.

To produce these murals, we used 3M-IJ40 calendar removable vinyl. This particular vinyl is ideal for short term and can be easily removed without damages to the original surface. With that being said, you may easily replace the existing mural with a fresh intake as your business evolves.

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