Nom Sushi Izakaya

IMG_8947Downtown Pensacola is known for its IMG_8948culture, nightlife, and shopping.  The dining scene deserves a category of its own – especially now that Nom Sushi Izakaya has arrived. The newest addition to the downtown cuisine is bringing a more intimate dining experience that designs their food around their unique drink concoctions ( that is the meaning of “izakaya“, if you were wondering). Signgeek is glad to take part in Nom’s beginning with exceptional canvas art  and wall murals that add aesthetic appeal to the exposed brick on the dining room and bathrooms walls.



Nom’s inspiration came from a traditional Japanese technique called “gyotaku.” Ink is applied directly to a sea creature of choice and then pressed onto paper to make the imprint. Both the logo and graphic  art for the bathroom came from Nom’s own experiment with the method.

When you first walk into the dining room, you will see five separate 3 x 7 foot canvas foam-boards hanging on the bare brick walls. When the canvases are  placed together they make up Nom’s gyotaku fish logo. We painted the edges of the canvas to match the color scheme already in the restaurant.


As you make your way to the restrooms, you will notice that the same gyotaku theme continues with a huge, colorful octopus spread across the walls. Our team printed the graphic on a vinyl material that will stand the test of time, but can easily be removed without causing any damage to the walls.

IMG_8956                 IMG_8962

If you are in Downtown Pensacola looking for a rare dining experience, stop by Nom Sushi Izakaya and check out Signgeek’s handy work while you enjoy the Japanese-American infused menu and charming atmosphere.

Watch our crew install the canvas art for the dining room:

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